The body for my AC Cobra is made out of vinylester.  This is a upgraded fiberglass compound according to our kit supplier.  The body is one piece except for the door, hood and trunk.  One of the options that I recommend is the body cut outs package.  This ensures you that the supplier will do all the major cutting on the body.  This option will also save you a ton of body work also. Here are a few pictures of the body once I removed it from the frame. You will need to remove the body so that you can remove the aluminum panels and begin work on the frame.

     All the body panels under the body are aluminum. This makes the AC kit very light.  The total weight of the car will be under 2000 lbs.  Many manufacturers use fiberglass for body panels. Factory Five has went a different route and provided owners with aluminum panels that are pre-mounted when the kit arrives.  They have done a fabulous finishing job on all of them. The kit even comes with 500 + rivets that you will need to attach them.  I also suggest you purchase a pneumatic rivet gun ( I purchased mine from Harbor Freight $49.99 #00167-0AKA) to make the chore a little easier. I will continue to add pictures of the aluminum body panels as the kit progresses. Here are a few pictures to get a idea of what the frame and aluminum will look like.

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