I got her back from the body shop (May 2004). This is Factory Five Roadster FFR1949K. It arrived the first week of February 2000. As you can see the car has come together very well. I have 4 months actual build time in it plus another 3-4 months in tweaks and upgrades, minus paint.   This years vehicle inspection passed with no problems. To pass emissions I use the FFR cats. that mount to the side pipes. 

     I chose the FFR Roadster for it's frame, aluminum inner panels and ease of construction. The Roadster uses 1987 - 1993 donor parts from a 5.0 liter Mustang. This keeps the price reasonable with readily available parts

   I recently acquired a new digital camera that also makes .mpeg movies with sound.  So of course I wanted to see how it works.  Check out the mpeg of my car starting up. click here (it's 5.3 megs)

New: The supercharger has been installed.  I've been working out a few kinks with the tune.  It made 360 RWHP at the dyno. Not to shabby. I've also reloaded the site due to some artifacted pictures.

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